The Loyola Greyhound’s Men’s Lacrosse Team is on Fire

Lacrosse has become more and more popular though out the years. Lacrosse is a team sport where players use a small ball, made of rubber and a lacrosse stick. It is a very rough sport and is definitely considered a contact sport. The top of the stick has a loose mesh that holds the lacrosse ball. The object of the game is to shoot the ball into the opponent’s goal, a lot like soccer, but shooting is done using the lacrosse stick and throwing it into the goal. Of course the opponent’s goal is to defend the offense from scoring in their goal.

This position also differs from soccer because it only has four positions and those are midfield, attack, defense, and goalie. This is also a college sport. One of the top men’s college lacrosse teams is the Loyola Greyhound’s men’s lacrosse team. They have recently made their way up and grabbed a spot in the League Championships. The gut wrenching game that was played Saturday against the Terriers, kept the audience on their feet. The Greyhounds started off strong with a 5-1 quarter lead, but then quickly Boston University took over possession in the second half.

As Boston continued to score in the last half, Limone steps up and makes six important saves. In the last 10 seconds Drapeau adds a goal, which sent the team chanting into the locker room with a seven to three win. The Loyola Greyhounds is a team that plays with heart with players like Sean Hecker. As soon as they step on to the field they give their all until the last seconds of the game. All the players have made the team what they are today, but Limone, once again has picked up the Corvias Patriot League Goalkeeper Award for the second time. There is always good news when it comes to the Greyhounds. Their next game, against Bucknell, will not be a game anyone will want to miss. It is the game before entering the championships. It is the game that will determine so much and could involve sweat and tears in the Loyola Greyhounds Men’s Lacrosse Team.

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