Interesting Facts about Blue the Mascot


Mascots are persons, animals, or objects that are believed by many to bring good luck in an organization or a team. And so every team and organization has its own unique mascot. Thus, here’s the one most lovable mascot of all and it’s called Blue. Now let’s take a look at the interesting facts about Blue the Mascot.

Blue is Indianapolis Colts’ official mascot, which is a pro football team that participates as a member in the NFL or National Football League in the United States. On September 17, 2006 Blue was inaugurated as having a human-like form with distinctly horsy features and blue fur all over his body. He has a silly smirk on his face (like all mascots do) and wears the horseshoe logo of the Colts on his t-shirt.

Blue was born in Jockey, IN on July 11. When he came of age, he went to Jockey, IN and learned stable school and while in school he trained in wrestling, track, driving, interpretative dance and football in Lucas Oil Stadium where he lives. He has a height of immeasurable proportions and he won’t stand still. His weight is 360 Horseshoes and a hoof size of 14. He loves to eat the Filet of Jaguar and Field Turf, he also loves to listen to songs like Blue and The Rolling Stones, Eiffel 65 and how Wild Horses makes beautiful sounds. the infamous Indiana Jones, Blue’s Brothers and Seabiscuit are among his favorite films.

Many people had wondered who was the man behind the mascot. The man under the mask is the man who wants to be different and really follows his heart. He wants to be big and very funny then he find out it largely from a simple children’s toy.

The day when Blue introduced in the Colts’ for the first home regular season game against the Houston Texans at the RCA Dome that day proved to be a sign of good things come, both for the team and for Blue. Being in the team, Blue served a valuable good luck charm to the team and also brings entertainment to the fans. And so many fans said that they love Blue because he is awesome and very funny.

Blue had his successful achievements also like winning 1st place in Kosciusko County Community Fair Parade back in 2007 walking unit, 2009 and 2011. He is an endearing icon in Indiana’s pro football league and Blue’s School Shows that’s seen by over a hundred thousand students.

Actually there are more exciting facts about Blue. That is everyone can request Blue to be part of their social gathering and be seen in various upcoming events like birthday party, suit or seat visits, corporate events and many more. Just visit the website of Indianapolis Colts.

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