Indianapolis Colts History

The Indianapolis Colts came into existence on March 28, 1984 when their owner, Robert Irsay moved the team from Baltimore.The beginnings of the Colts go back to the now defunct AAFC in 1946. When the AAFC merged with the NFC in 1950, that version of the Colts lasted only two seasons of having (1-11) records before being dissolved by the NFL on January 18, 1951.

In 1953, the Dallas Texans, owned by Carroll Rosenbloom, moved its team to Baltimore and retained its name, the Colts.
A pivotal move came in 1954 when the Colts hired famed coach WeebEwbank.The Colts were involved in a pair of historic NFL games. In 1958, led by Hall of Fame quarterback, Johnny Unitas, the Colts defeated the New York Giants in an overtime thriller, 23-17. The thrilling game was seen as a jump off point for the NFL in its long trek to replace baseball as America’s top sport.

The second game came after a successful 1968 season. The Colts made it to the third Super Bowl. The first two contests between the established NFL and the upstart AFL resulted in blow out wins by the powerhouse Green Bay Packers. So when the brash and colorful New York Jet quarterback, Joe Namath, predicted a win against the Colts, more than a few sports fans and experts were skeptical. As it turned out, the Jets pulled off a 16-7 upset of the Colts. And who was the Jets victorious coach? None other than ex-Colt coach WeebEwbank.

Getting back to Indianapolis, the first ten years there showed them having little success as a team. They acquired Hall of Fame running back Eric Dickerson in 1987. He led the league in rushing in 1988 with 1,659 yards.
The Colts had some play-off success in 1994, making it to the AFC championship game. They lost a close game to the Pittsburgh Steelers, 20-16.
A key draft pick of quarterback Peyton Manning in the late nineties put the Colts on track to double digit wins and yearly play-off appearances. With other great offensive players, Manning’s regular season numbers continued to soar. 4,000 yard passing seasons were routine. Still, ultimate play-off success eluded them.Previously successful Tampa Bay coach, Tony Dungy took over as coach in 2002. Double digit wins and play-off appearances continued.

In 2006, Dungy became the first African American coach to win a super bowl when the Colts defeated the Chicago Bears 29-17.In today’s NFL, the Colts are now quarterbacked by the great up and coming Andrew Luck, who had 28 touchdowns, 10 interceptions, and a 99.4 rating in 2013.

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