Best Places To Shop For Sport Tickets

There are numerous venues available to one who is shopping for the sport event of their choice. Prior to the mid-1970s, one may have felt diffident on being informed that ticket availability had become non-extant for the public event they wished to attend. Since that time, the emergence of secondary ticket markets has flourished, and is estimated to be a 15-billion dollar business annually by industry observers.

Many consumers know of TicketMaster and StubHub as brokers for concert and major sport events. There are other secondary market services that will be mentioned herein.

There is a two-part article at that is titled, “Guide To The Secondary Ticketing Market” though dated August 2012, much of the information put forth is still relevant to one new to sport ticket sales. The article mentions that is a ticket aggregator, which means the consumer can compare ticket prices from other major vendors. Thus the inventory for purchasing tickets is heightened through using an aggregator site.

Other possibilities, more conventional, include purchasing at the local Box Office where the event is to occur. One may be allowed more seating flexibility, and the ticket price is competitively stable in this venue though not discounted. Described as a “virtual box office”, but within the primary ticket market parameter is TicketMaster. This company is well-known, established a credible reputation in its nearly 40-year run. This service can be utilized on-line, by telephone, or at retail outlets across North America.

Shopping for tickets at online web sites or forums such as is specifically focused on minor league baseball and its league divisions across the US. Other sports such as NCAA basketball and football, NHL, NFL, and CFL offer similar on-line options.

Viewed somewhat as exclusive in comparison to the more known vendors is which offers live chat, and web site with easy utilization. Another vendor to consider is said to have both very good customer service and user-friendly web site. This vendor is mentioned in passing within the aforementioned article.

Most of the primary and secondary ticket market vendors attach a service fee with ticket sales, but these fees are relatively competitive. Nonetheless, the best places to shop are where one derives satisfaction starting with shopping, continuing with purchasing, and concluding with attending the sport event chosen.

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